Domain Wall

A domain wall is a type of topological soliton that occurs whenever a discrete symmetry is spontaneously broken. It can take on different meanings depending on the context:

  • Domain wall (magnetism), an interface separating magnetic domains
  • Domain wall (optics), for domain walls in optics
  • Domain wall (string theory), a theoretical 2-dimensional singularity

Other articles related to "domain wall, domain walls, domains, domain":

Hořava–Witten Domain Wall
... In theoretical physics, a Hořava–Witten domain wall is a type of domain wall that behaves as a boundary of the eleven-dimensional spacetime in M-theory ... theory with the E8 gauge group propagates on this domain wall ...
Lower Critical Dimension
... Quantitatively this depends on the type of domain walls and their fluctuation modes ... Creating a domain wall requires a fixed energy amount ε ... This entropy change must be compared with the entropy of the domain wall itself ...
Gallium Manganese Arsenide - Properties
... (Ga,Mn)As offers an excellent material to study domain wall mechanics because the domains can have a size of the order of 100 µm ... defined lateral constrictions or other pinning points are used to manipulate domain walls ... These experiments are crucial to understanding domain wall nucleation and propagation which would be necessary for the creation of complex logic circuits based on domain wall mechanics ...
Magnetic Domain - Landau-Lifshitz Energy Equation
... Lev Landau and Evgeny Lifshitz in 1935, which forms the basis of the modern theory of magnetic domains ... The domain structure of a material is the one which minimizes the Gibbs free energy of the material ... When two domains with different directions of magnetization are next to each other, at the domain wall between them magnetic dipoles pointed in different directions lie next to each other, increasing this energy ...
Implementations - Spin Memristive Systems - Spintronic Memristor
... the device pointing in a different direction than those in another section, creating a "domain wall", a boundary between the two states ... Changing the magnetization, in turn, moves the domain wall and changes the device's resistance ... first experimental proof of the Spintronic Memristor based on domain wall motion by spin currents in a Magnetic Tunnel Junction was given in 2011 ...

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