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List of Episodes

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Story No. Episode Title Directed by Written by UK viewers
AI Original air date Production
167 "The Christmas Invasion" James Hawes Russell T Davies 9.84 84 25 December 2005 (2005-12-25) 2.X
Rose and the newly-regenerated Tenth Doctor return to Rose's house, where Rose, her mother Jackie (Camille Coduri) and her boyfriend Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) carry him inside to rest. When out shopping, Rose and Mickey are attacked by Santa robots; the Doctor theorises that energy from his regeneration has lured them here. Prime Minister Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton) is threatened by the leader of the Sycorax to give them half of the Earth's population as slaves; Harriet tries to negotiate and is transmatted on their ship. Rose, Mickey, and Jackie drag the Doctor onto the TARDIS, but the TARDIS is detected by the Sycorax and they transport it to their ship, with Rose, Mickey, and the Doctor inside. After the Doctor has fully recovered, he challenges the Sycorax leader to a sword fight for the future of the Earth, which he eventually wins. However, the Sycorax ship is destroyed against the Doctor's wishes by Harriet Jones, who had called Torchwood on the matter.
168 1 "New Earth" James Hawes Russell T Davies 8.62 85 15 April 2006 (2006-04-15) 2.1
The Doctor and Rose go to New Earth, the planet which humanity inhabited after the Earth's destruction by the Sun. They go into a hospital in New New York, where Rose meets the villain Cassandra (Zoë Wanamaker) again. Cassandra possesses Rose's body as she is in need of one, but the Doctor is suspicious of "Rose"'s actions. They discover that the hospital holds hundreds of artificially-grown humans that have been infected with diseases so the Sisters of Plenitude can find their cures. "Rose" releases several of the humans as a distraction, but they release others and a zombie-like attack begins. The Doctor sprays the infected humans with the solution from a disinfectant shower, curing them. The Doctor orders Cassandra out of Rose and she transfers her consciousness to her servant Chip (Sean Gallagher), but his cloned body fails and Cassandra accepts her death.
169 2 "Tooth and Claw" Euros Lyn Russell T Davies 9.24 83 22 April 2006 (2006-04-22) 2.2
The Doctor and Rose end up in Scotland in 1879, where Queen Victoria (Pauline Collins) invites them to Torchwood Estate. Unknown to them, the estate has been captured by a group of monks who have brought a werewolf in hopes to infect Queen Victoria. The Doctor notices the trap and tries to shield himself, Victoria, and Rose from the werewolf. He learns that the estate was designed as a trap for the werewolf as it contains a large telescope which, with Victoria's Koh-i-Noor diamond and full moonlight, can force the werewolf into a human form. Though they save her, Queen Victoria is appalled by the Doctor and Rose's lifestyle and founds Torchwood Institute to defend Britain from further alien attacks.
170 3 "School Reunion" James Hawes Toby Whithouse 8.31 85 29 April 2006 (2006-04-29) 2.3
The Doctor works undercover as a teacher in a school which Mickey believes is suspicious. Rose, working as a dinner lady, notices the cafeteria's chips have an adverse effect on other members of the kitchen staff, while the Doctor notes the chips seem to make the students more intelligent. The success of headmaster Mr Finch (Anthony Head) has aroused media attention; investigative journalist and the Doctor's former companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) arrives at the school and discovers the TARDIS one night. She and her robotic dog K-9 join up with the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey and they discover that the teachers are actually Krillitanes and the chips are coated with Krillitane oil, intended to make the children smart enough so they can decode the "Skasis Paradigm", a theory of everything, which will give the Krillitanes full control of time and space. The Doctor refuses to join the Krillitanes and evacuates the children of the school, after which K-9 detonates the container of the chip oil which destroys the Krillitanes, the school, and K-9. Sarah Jane declines the Doctor's offer to travel with him and suggests that Mickey do so instead, and the Doctor gives her a brand new model of K-9.
171 4 "The Girl in the Fireplace" Euros Lyn Steven Moffat 7.90 84 6 May 2006 (2006-05-06) 2.4
The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey arrive on an abandoned spaceship which contains several "time windows" into the life of Madame de Pompadour, known as "Reinette" (Sophia Myles). The Doctor first enters her bedroom through an 18th-century fireplace when she is seven years old and saves her from a clockwork man which has hidden under her bed. On the ship, the Doctor and his companions discover more time windows into Reinette's life and see that the clockwork droids continue stalking her, but do not consider her "complete". The Doctor discovers that the ship's human crew have died out and the droids have recycled some of their organs for use in the ship but still needs Reinette's brain to be fully functional. The brain must be 37 years old, the age of the ship; the ship is actually named after madame de Pompadour. The Doctor manages to arrive at her 37th birthday costume ball and save her from the droids, who shut down because they have no way of returning to their ship.
172a 5 "Rise of the Cybermen" Graeme Harper Tom MacRae 9.22 86 13 May 2006 (2006-05-13) 2.5
A problem causes the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey to reach a parallel universe, in which most of the people of London wear EarPods that feeds information directly into the wearer's brain and Rose's father Pete (Shaun Dingwall) is still alive. The EarPods are designed by John Lumic (Roger Lloyd Pack), who is trying to give them an "upgrade" which will ultimately turn the humans into Cybermen. Though he has not received permission to do this, he has been abducting and converting numerous homeless people. Mickey is mistaken for his parallel universe self Ricky and is taken by Jake Simmonds (Andrew Hayden-Smith), a member of a gang called the "Preachers" who are aware of the dangers of the EarPods. Cybermen begin attacking at the parallel universe Jackie's birthday party, at which the Doctor and Rose are posing as waiters. They, along with Pete, escape and run into Mickey and the Preachers, but the Cybermen close in on them.
172b 6 "The Age of Steel" Graeme Harper Tom MacRae 7.63 86 20 May 2006 (2006-05-20) 2.6
Escaping from the Cybermen, the group go to the Battersea Power Station, where Lumic has ordered the people of London to go for conversion into Cybermen. On the way, Ricky is killed by the Cybermen. The group splits up to destroy the EarPod transmitter in the zeppelin; Mickey and Jake board the zeppelin, Rose and Pete pose as humans marching for conversion, and the Doctor and Mrs. Moore head to Lumic. Eventually, Mrs. Moore is killed and the Doctor, Rose and Pete are captured by the Cybermen and taken to Lumic, who has become the Cyber Controller. Mickey and Jake disable the transmitter, freeing the humans who had not been converted. The Doctor tricks Lumic into giving the inhibitor code which Mickey hears on surveillance and sends to Rose's phone; the Doctor plugs the phone into the computer systems which changes the signal and sends the Cybermen into despair. The group flees, leaving Lumic to his death. Mickey decides to stay in the parallel universe with Jake, as he understands Rose prefers the Doctor.
173 7 "The Idiot's Lantern" Euros Lyn Mark Gatiss 6.76 84 27 May 2006 (2006-05-27) 2.7
The Doctor and Rose land in Muswell Hill, London in 1953 on the day before Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The Doctor befriends teenager Tommy Connolly (Rory Jennings), whose grandmother is hidden because she lacks any facial features and has no brain activity, a phenomenon that is common with those who have purchased television sets sold cheap for the coronation from Magpie Electricals, owned by Mr Magpie (Ron Cook). Rose, investigating the shop, finds that Mr Magpie is under the influence of an entity known as "The Wire" (Maureen Lipman), a refugee who has converted herself to an electrical form and is using the televisions and hopefully the upcoming coronation to consume enough minds to rebuild its body; she takes Rose's face as well. In discovery of this the Doctor is outraged and foils the Wire's plan with a device he creates, and those whose minds and faces were consumed are returned and London can safely watch the coronation.
174a 8 "The Impossible Planet" James Strong Matt Jones 6.32 85 3 June 2006 (2006-06-03) 2.8
The Doctor and Rose arrive on a base on a planet which is impossibly orbiting a black hole. The crew of the base, who are there on an expedition to drill to the middle of the planet, is led by Captain Zachary Cross Flane (Shaun Parkes). A race of aliens known as the Ood serve them. A quake strikes the plane, causing several sections of the base, including the one where the TARDIS was, to fall into the planet. As the drill nears the planet's centre, the Ood begin foretelling the awakening of a "Beast", which possesses archaeologist Toby Zed (Will Thorp) and later the Ood. The drilling finishes, and the Doctor offers to go with Ida Scott (Claire Rushbrook) to the depths of the planet, where they discover a disc with unreadable markings found on the base and the possessed Toby's face. The Doctor believes the disc to be a door, and as it begins to open the possessed Toby tells Rose that the planet has began to fall into the black hole and the voice of the Beast (Gabriel Woolf) announces that he is free.
174b 9 "The Satan Pit" James Strong Matt Jones 6.08 86 10 June 2006 (2006-06-10) 2.9
Ida and the Doctor investigate the door and Rose and the other members of the crew witness a force leaving Toby's body and assume that he is no longer possessed. The Doctor descends into the dark pit and the Beast speaks to him, revealing he is the epitome of evil of several religions and has been sealed inside the planet, but is seeking to escape. The Doctor runs out of rope and believes he can survive the drop and falls, the news of which distresses Rose. Most of the crew and Rose escape from the Ood and board and launch an escape rocket. The Doctor discovers he has survived the crash and finds the physical form of the Beast, who reveals that his consciousness has managed to escape. Having faith in Rose, the Doctor triggers the sequence for the Beast and the planet to fall into the black hole, but as the Beast's consciousness is inside Toby the rocket begins to pull toward the black hole. Rose realises this and releases Toby from the rocket, and the Doctor finds the TARDIS in the pit and uses it to rescue Rose.
175 10 "Love & Monsters" Dan Zeff Russell T Davies 6.66 76 17 June 2006 (2006-06-17) 2.10
Through his video diary, Elton Pope (Marc Warren) tells how he first saw the Doctor in his living room when he was a boy, and that he plans to find the Doctor again. Through Internet searches he finds Ursula Blake (Shirley Henderson), who has also had past experiences with the Doctor. Elton, Ursula, and three other members who have had encounters with the Doctor, form the London Investigation 'N' Detective Agency (LINDA) to discuss these encounters, but their meetings soon become more social. One day a man known as Victor Kennedy (Peter Kay) interrupts one of the group's meetings and reinvigorates LINDA's purpose to locate the Doctor. Later, two members of the group mysteriously go missing, and one day Ursula and Elton return to the meeting room to retrieve Ursula's phone. There Kennedy reveals himself to be an Abzorbaloff, who has absorbed the other three LINDA members. Ursula receives the same fate and the Abzorbaloff corners Elton, but the TARDIS appears and the Doctor discovers the Abzorbaloff's cane is a field generator and Elton breaks it, destroying the creature. The Doctor manages to preserve Ursula in a paving slab, which Elton takes home.
176 11 "Fear Her" Euros Lyn Matthew Graham 7.14 83 24 June 2006 (2006-06-24) 2.11
The Doctor and Rose arrive in a London neighbourhood just prior to the start of the 2012 Olympic Games. Children have been disappearing and the Doctor and Rose discover the source is a 12-year-old girl named Chloe Webber (Abisola Agbaje), who can cause people to disappear by drawing them. The Doctor finds that she is possessed by an Isolus, an alien life form that has crashed on Earth and can relate to Chloe's loneliness. For the Isolus to leave Chloe's body, they must find the Isolus' pod and give it power; Rose finds it under just-poured tar in the street and is able to power it by throwing it into the Olympic Torch as it comes by the street, giving the pod heat and emotional strength. As the missing children reappear, the demon-like drawing of Chloe's violent and dead father comes to life, but Chloe's mother (Nina Sosanya) calms Chloe's fears. The Isolus peacefully leaves Chloe's body.
177a 12 "Army of Ghosts" Graeme Harper Russell T Davies 8.19 86 1 July 2006 (2006-07-01) 2.12
The Doctor and Rose return to London and visit Jackie and learn that for a few months the Earth has experienced silhouettes which appear at a certain time each day around the world. The public have accepted these as ghosts. However, the Doctor thinks they are the impressions of something forcing its way into the universe and tracks the source to the headquarters of a secret organisation known as Torchwood. Torchwood's director Yvonne Hartman (Tracey-Ann Oberman) reveals that the ghosts are a result of a breach in the universe which a spherical "void ship", kept at Torchwood, has arrived. Three employees of Torchwood become manipulated by an unseen party and open the breach, which breaks down and causes millions of the ghosts to appear worldwide and shift into their true form of the Cybermen from the parallel universe. However, the Cybermen merely followed the void ship through the breach, and the ship is revealed to contain four Daleks.
177b 13 "Doomsday" Graeme Harper Russell T Davies 8.22 89 8 July 2006 (2006-07-08) 2.13
The four Daleks, later identified as the Cult of Skaro, have brought a device known as the Genesis Ark through the breach and declare war on the Cybermen and the two races soon begin fighting worldwide. Meanwhile, the Doctor has discovered that Jake Simmonds, Pete Tyler, and Mickey - who masqueraded as a Torchwood employee and is with Rose and the Daleks - have been able to travel between the universes. The Cult of Skaro is keeping Rose and Mickey alive because they, being time travellers, would activate the Genesis Ark, which the Daleks incapable of as it is stolen Time Lord technology. The Doctor plans to open the breach, which will pull in anyone who has crossed the Void including the Daleks, Cybermen, and Rose's family, and then close the breach forever. Rose refuses to reside in the parallel universe and stays to help the Doctor, but she is unable to hold on and becomes marooned in the parallel universe forever. The Doctor is able to use the power of a supernova to transmit his image through one of the final breaches, and the two share a tearful goodbye before a woman in her wedding dress appers in the TARDIS.

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