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In July 2008, Character Options expanded the range with the first wave of action figures based on the Classic Series. They then went on to do special Dalek collectors sets and a wave 2 of Classics. In 2010, Character Options released an Eleven Doctors Figure Set featuring figures of all eleven actors to have played the part to date. The figures variously included minor paint or sculpting revisions of earlier releases, an accessory (usually a sonic screwdriver) for all figures except the Sixth Doctor and the first release of the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann. Unlike previous classic assortments, the Eleven Doctors Figure Set does not appear to be a limited release, and was freely available for sale on the Character Options website.

Further Classic Doctor Who figures were released as exclusives commissioned by Forbidden Planet and Underground Toys due to a lack of interest in the line by major retailers. These exclusives have seen a wide variety of characters from the Classic Series released. There have been many Dalek sets including different variations of Davros. Classic Companions such as Peri and Leela have been released both as single figures, or in 2 packs with an alien/monster. December 2011 saw 7 new sets released in the span of a month. These included a The Keeper of Traken set, The Caves of Androzani set, Image of the Fendahl set and many more. 2012 has also seen many more classic figures released as Forbidden Planet exclusives Such as the highly awaited Imperial Davros Emperor that came with a destroyed Dalek. One of the latest sets being a new Pyramids of Mars set featuring Sutekh with Jackal head and 2 Gold mummy's. Katy Manning who played Jo Grant in the Classic series has also mentioned that a few variations of her character's figure will be released later in the year of 2012/early 2013.

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