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Donna Hayward
... Donna Hayward is a fictional character from the television series Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost ... Donna's father is the town doctor, Will Hayward, and her mother is Eileen Hayward, who sits in a wheelchair and tends to the house ... At the end of season two, it is strongly suggested that Doc Hayward might not be Donna's biological father after all, and that she is in fact the daughter of Benjamin Horne and half-sister to Audrey Horne ...
Lil The Dancer - Hayward Family - Will Hayward
... Doctor William Hayward (played by Warren Frost) is a physician and coroner who, due to his close relationship with her, refuses to perform the autopsy on ... in several episodes, it can be presumed to be "William" he is normally referred to as just "Doc" most of the time ... The Doc is generally a balanced, fair man, but he is especially upset by Laura's murder, as he is a friend of the Palmer family, and his daughters knew her well ...

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    What sort of men are these? How do they do it? How can they do it?
    Samuel Fuller, U.S. screenwriter, and Milton Sperling. Samuel Fuller. Doc (Andrew Duggan)