Doc Daneeka

Doc Daneeka is a fictional character in the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Doc Daneeka is the squadron physician and a friend of the novel's protagonist, Yossarian. "Catch-22" itself is first explained in the novel when Yossarian asks Doc Daneeka to excuse him from combat duty. Doc Daneeka is also the title of Chapter 4 of the novel.

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... Doctor Daneeka Further information Doc Daneeka Dr ... Dan Daneeka is the squadron flight surgeon and a friend of the novel's protagonist, Yossarian ... Doc Daneeka's main motivation is for his own welfare, whether that be making money or protecting his own life ...

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    The 5307th has collapsed. From a medical viewpoint, they’re finished as a fighting unit.... I have never seen human beings in such condition. They’re drained, physically and psychologically drained. I’m not tagging them for specific ailments. I’m simply marking every man in the outfit A.O.E.—accumulation of everything.
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