DNA Studio

DNA Studio (standing for Dedicated Net Access) is a Los Angeles-based Web marketing advertising agency founded in 1994 by John Moshay, Chris Gibbin and Josh Mutchnick (brother of Max Mutchnick). Originally known for work in the entertainment industry (film, television, and music), DNA now has a broader client profile and operates as a full-service marketing firm.

DNA Studio has regional offices in St. Louis and Atlanta, and has risen to #34 in Ad Age’s Top Interactive Agencies.

They have worked to promote several events, including a promotion for Nintendo’s Donkey Kong as part of LA Marathon. The winner of DNA's Star Trek Voyager season-long game won a spot on the show's final episode.

DNA also produces a line of fitness videos, including “Aerobic Striptease” by Carmen Electra and Paula Abdul’s “Cardio Cheer”.

In September 2006, DNA Studio merged with WHITTMAN-HART of Chicago to form one the largest U.S. independent interactive agencies.

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