Diving Crossbody

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Chi-Town Rumble - Event - Main Event Matches
... He climbed the top rope and delivered a Diving Crossbody to Steamboat but Steamboat countered it into a pinfall ... Steamboat tried to deliver a Diving Crossbody on Flair but the referee was hit as well ... over the top rope and Steamboat climbed the top rope to perform a Diving Crossbody but Flair moved out of the way ...
Frog Splash - Diving Crossbody
... move is used by many, usually light, wrestlers and is often known as a diving crossbody, or a cross body block which is the elevated version of the crossbody maneuver ... There is also a reversed version, named reverse crossbody, where the wrestler faces away from the prone opponent before executing the crossbody maneuver ...

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