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U.S. Route 66 In Oklahoma - Route Description - Tulsa To Kansas Border
... At the "top" of the ramp, the route diverts across the freeway and down a left exit onto state highway 66 almost immediately ... on state highway 66 all the way through town, or divert one block west and take the older alignment down J.M Davis Blvd ... US 69 continues north while US 60 diverts east ...
Kansas River - River Modifications - On The River
... downstream from the I-435 bridge, a weir diverts water to an intake for WaterOne ... Tecumseh An easily navigable low head weir exists that diverts water to the Tecumseh power plant, just downstream from Topeka ... Topeka A Topeka water department dam diverts water to the right bank for a municipal water intake ...
Hacienda Buena Vista - Description of The Hacienda - Canal and Aqueduct
... for diverting the water according to the needs of the hacienda agricultural production one gate diverts water to the water wheel and the corn mill water turbine, another gate diverts water to the ...
Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme - Components
36.86833°S 147.295°E / -36.86833 147.295 (Rocky Valley Aqueduct) Diverts water south into Rocky Valley Dam Langford West Aqueduct 36°53′38″S 147°18′5. 147.26889°E / -36.9325 147.26889 (Cope East Aqueduct) Diverts water north through Cope Saddle into Pretty Valley Pondage Cope West Aqueduct 36°56 ...

Famous quotes containing the word diverts:

    An entertainment is something which distracts us or diverts us from the routine of daily life. It makes us for the time being forget our cares and worries; it interrupts our conscious thoughts and habits, rests our nerves and minds, though it may incidentally exhaust our bodies. Art, on the other hand, though it may divert us from the normal routine of our existence, causes us in some way or other to become conscious of that existence.
    Sir Herbert Read (1893–1968)

    [Allegory] should ... be very sparingly practised, lest, whilst the writer plays with his own fancies and diverts himself by cutting the air with his wide spread wings, he should soar out of view of his readers, leaving them in confusion and perplexity to explore his viewless track.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)