District Court of New South Wales - Structure and Jurisdiction - Residual Jurisdiction

Residual Jurisdiction

See also: Dust Diseases Tribunal of New South Wales and Workers Compensation Commission of New South Wales

Most of the work in residual jurisdiction is handled by the Workers Compensation Commission. However, some matters that are handled by the District Court include:

  • the Act 1990/ {{{4}}} (NSW) concerning police officers "hurt on duty" and the Regualtion (Superannuation) Act 1906/ {{{4}}} (NSW) concerning the payment of superannuation benefits to police officers
  • payment under the Police Regulations (Superannuation) Act 1906 (NSW), paid to STC (the SAS Trustee Corporation continued under the Administration Act 1996/ {{{4}}} (NSW)) and special risk benefits payable by the Commissioner of Police
  • the Compensation Act 1987/ {{{4}}} (NSW) concerning workers in or about a coal mine
  • the Compensation (Dust Diseases) Act 1942/ {{{4}}} (NSW)
  • the Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme
  • the Compensation (Bush Fire, Emergency & Rescue Services) Act 1987/ {{{4}}} (NSW)

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