• (noun): Someone who is the first to think of or make something.
    Synonyms: inventor, artificer
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Treasure Hunting - Notable Treasure Hunters
... Mel Fisher (discoverer of the Spanish galleon Nuestra SeƱora de Atocha) Cork Graham (war correspondent, author) Mike Hatcher (discoverer of the "Nank ... hunter, considered father of historical archaeology, discoverer of lost city of Troy) ...
Discoverer 30
... Discoverer 30, also known as Corona 9022, was an American optical reconnaissance satellite which was launched in 1961 ... The launch of Discoverer 30 occurred at 1959 UTC on 12 September 1961 ... Discoverer 30 was operated in a low Earth orbit, with a perigee of 231 kilometres (144 mi), an apogee of 484 kilometres (301 mi), 82.6 degrees of inclination, and a period of 91.7 minutes ...
Semidetached Binaries - Designations - Discoverer Designations
... Double stars are also designated by an abbreviation giving the discoverer together with an index number ... These discoverer codes can be found in the Washington Double Star Catalog ...
Discoverer 1
... Discoverer 1 was the first of a series of satellites which were part of the Corona reconnaissance satellite program ... A CIA report, later declassified, concluded that "Today, most people believe the DISCOVERER I landed somewhere near the South Pole." ...
Controversy Over The Discovery Of Haumea - Aftermath
... He also went on to state, in reference to the name of the discoverer, which was left blank in the IAU listing, that "It's deliberately vague about the discoverer of the object We don't want to cause an ... without being acknowledged as its official discoverer but declared that he is pleased with the outcome and that he "think this is as good a resolution as we'll get" ...

More definitions of "discoverer":

  • (noun): Someone who is the first to observe something.
    Synonyms: finder, spotter