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List Of Observatory Codes - 200-299
... Rivalta 209 Asiago Observatory, Cima Ekar-ADAS (Asiago-DLR Asteroid Survey) 210 Alma-Ata 211 Scandicci 212 Observatorio La Dehesilla 213 Observatorio Montcabre 214 ... Siding Spring, New South Wales, Australia (Digital Sky Survey) 261 Palomar Mountain-DSS, California, USA (Palomar Observatory - Digital Sky Survey) 262 European Southern Observatory, La Silla-DSS, Chile (La Silla ...
List Of Astronomical Catalogues - S
... Observatory Star Catalog SCR — SuperCOSMOS-RECONS SDSS — Sloan Digital Sky Survey SDSSp — Sloan Digital Sky Survey, provisory 1SDSS — Sloan Digital Sky Survey, 1st release 2SDSS — reserved. 3SDSS — reserved by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey for future release ... de Mouvement Propre SIPS — Southern Infrared Proper Motion Survey SPF2 — Second Cat of Fundamental Stars SPF3 — Third Santiago-Pulkovo Fundamental Star Catalogue SPOCS ...
Meanings Of Minor Planet Names: 160,001–170,000
161207 Lidz 2002 TW305 Adam Lidz, American astronomer and contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey † 161215 Loveday 2002 UL66 Jonathan ... American particle and astro-particle physicist and one of the builders of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey † 162466 Margon 2000 JA90 Bruce Margon, American astronomer ... Taesch 2007 OS Paul Taesch initiated the discoverer into observing the night sky when she was a teenager † 164589 La Sagra 2007 PC11 Sierra de La Sagra, highest mountain (2382 m) of the ...

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    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)