Diecast may refer to:

  • Die casting, the casting process where liquids are introduced into a mold and allowed to harden
  • Die-cast toys, scale models, usually of automobiles, that are often made via casting
  • Diecast (band), a Boston-based metalcore band
  • Alea iacta est, Latin for "The die is cast"

Other articles related to "diecast":

Tootsie Toy - Toy Construction
... Later, plastic as well as diecast toys were identified with both names as "Tootsietoy-Strombecker". 1970s the 1 dollar, 10 car "JamPac" of tiny, simple diecast cars became known as the worlds best child "shutter-upper" (Strombecker 2004) ... Tootsietoys were usually simply made - often with only seven parts a single diecast metal body, two axles, and four wheels ...
Solido - An Industry Leader
... The L'Age d'Or range along with Matchbox and Rio were among the first diecast lines marketed to adults as much as children (Rixon 2005, 11) ... and "Poids Lourds", a series of larger heavier diecast trucks (about 10 different models) ... the benchmark of the collectible 143 scale diecast vehicle ...
AUTOart - History
... Other lines of diecast vehicles made by Gateway are Gate and UT Models, originally a German company with diecast cars made in China and associated with Paul's Model Art which ... AUTOart makes diecast model cars, slot racing cars, and diecast motorcycles ...
Popy - Chogokin
... from the animated Mazinger Z series) diecast metal "action figures" caused a sensation when first released in Japan ... At the time, diecast metal was mainly used for vehicular toys such as cars and airplanes, and there was some worry that a figural diecast toy would not sell ...
Popy - History
... "Henshin Belt," Popy introduced a palm-sized, diecast metal version of the bike ridden by the show's title character ... success as well and paved the way for a massive wave of vinyl and diecast metal renditions of characters from the Japanese kids' shows that dominated the Japanese ... Other notable successes included the Jumbo Machinder series and the Chogokin series of diecast metal robot toys, most notably that of Super Robot ...