Dick and Dee Dee

Dick and Dee Dee (or Dick and Deedee) is an American singer-songwriter duo that reached popularity in the early to mid-1960s. The group was originally founded by California classmates Mary Sperling and Richard Gosting. They eventually changed their names to Deedee Sperling (currently Deedee Phelps) and Dick St. John. They had their first hit in 1961 when "The Mountain's High" reached No. 2 on the Billboard 100. They toured with The Beach Boys and opened for the Rolling Stones during the Stones' 1964 tour of California. Regulars on the show Shindig!, the duo had multiple hit songs before St. John and Sperling disbanded in 1969. In the 1980s, St. John toured with his wife, Sandy. Dick St. John died on December 27, 2003. Dee Dee Phelps began performing with actor/singer Michael Dunn as Dick and Dee Dee in 2008, appearing in large doo wop and rock and roll shows throughout the United States.

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Dee Dee Phelps - Career - Dick and Dee Dee
... California, Sperling re-encountered Dick St ... The first Dick and Dee Dee 45 RPM release was on Lama Records, a small company started by their record producers, The Wilder Brothers ... her, the record producers changed her name to Dee Dee, something she didn't discover until the record was released ...

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