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Glossary Of Contract Bridge Terms - D
... Thus, there are five denominations - notrump, spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs ... suit in a hand while 4=3=3=3 means four spades, represented first, and three each in hearts, diamonds, and clubs ... Thus 4=6=2=1 means 4 spades, 6 hearts, 2 diamonds, and 1 club ...
Enumerated Type - Pascal and Syntactically Similar Languages - Ada
... was replaced with "is" leaving the definition quite similar type Cardsuit is (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) In addition to Pred, Succ, Val and Pos ... the internal representation of the enumeration to be specified for Cardsuit use (clubs => 1, diamonds => 2, hearts => 4, spades => 8) Unlike C-style ...

Famous quotes containing the words hearts and/or diamonds:

    His hope is treacherous only whose love dies
    With beauty, which is varying every hour;
    But, in chaste hearts uninfluenced by the power
    Of outward change, there blooms a deathless flower,
    That breathes on earth the air of paradise.
    Michelangelo Buonarroti (1474–1564)

    The prosecution of [Warren] Hastings, though he should escape at last, must have good effect. It will alarm the servants of the Company in India, that they may not always plunder with impunity, but that there may be a retrospect; and it will show them that even bribes of diamonds to the Crown may not secure them from prosecution.
    Horace Walpole (1717–1797)