Dialects of The Macedonian Language - Dialects


Dialect divisions of Macedonian
Lower Polog Upper Polog Crna Gora Kumanovo / Kratovo
Central Reka Mala Reka / Galičnik Debar Drimkol / Golo Brdo Vevčani / Radοžda Upper Prespa / Ohrid
Mariovo / Tikveš Štip / Strumica Maleševo / Pirin
Solun / Voden Ser / Drama
Lower Prespa Korča Kostur Nestram

Northern dialects

  1. Lower Polog dialect
  2. Skopska Crna Gora dialect
  1. Kumanovo dialect
  2. Kratovo dialect
  3. Kriva Palanka dialect
  4. Ovče Pole dialect

Western Dialects:

  1. Prilep-Bitola dialect
  2. Kičevo-Poreče dialect
  3. Skopje-Veles dialect
  • Western and north western group:
  1. Upper Polog dialect
  2. Reka (Torbeš) dialect
  3. Galιčnik (Malorekanski or Mala Reka) dialect
  4. Debar dialect
  5. Drimkol-Golo Brdo dialect
  6. Vevčani-Radοža dialect
  7. Struga dialect
  8. Ohrid dialect
  9. Upper Prespa dialect
  10. Lower Prespa dialect

Eastern and Southern dialects

  • Eastern group:
  1. Tikveš-Mariovo dialect
  2. Štip-Strumica dialect
  3. Maleševo-Pirin dialect
  • South-western group:
  1. Nestram-Kostenar dialect
  2. Korča (Gorica) dialect
  3. Kostur dialect
  • South-eastern group:
  1. Solun-Voden dialect
  2. Ser-Drama-Lagadin-Nevrokop dialect

Most linguists classify the dialects in the Pirin (Blagoevgrad) region of Bulgaria and in the far east of Greek Macedonia as Bulgarian and the dialects in the rest of Greece and in Republic of Macedonia as Macedonian.

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