Diagram Automorphisms

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Dynkin Diagram - Automorphisms
... In addition to isomorphism between different diagrams, some diagrams also have self-isomorphisms or "automorphisms" ... Diagram automorphisms correspond to outer automorphisms of the Lie algebra, meaning that the outer automorphism group Out = Aut/Inn equals the group of diagram automorphisms ... The diagrams that have non-trivial automorphisms are An, Dn, and E6 ...
Dynkin Diagram - Automorphisms - Construction of Lie Groups Via Diagram Automorphisms
... Diagram automorphisms in turn yield additional Lie groups and groups of Lie type, which are of central importance in the classification of finite simple groups ... of Lie groups in terms of their Dynkin diagram does not yield some of the classical groups, namely the unitary groups and the non-split orthogonal groups ... are constructed as 2Dn, where in both cases this refers to combining a diagram automorphism with a field automorphism ...

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