Dharmaguptaka - Vinaya Legacy

Vinaya Legacy

The Dharmaguptaka Vinaya was translated into Chinese by Buddhayaśas in the early fifth-century, and thereafter became the predominant vinaya in Chinese Buddhist monasticism.

The Dharmaguptaka Vinaya, or monastic rules, are still followed today in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Korea, and its lineage for the ordination of nuns has survived uninterrupted to this day. The name of the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya in this traditions is the Four-Part Vinaya (Ch. 四分律 sìfēnlǜ), and the equivalent Sanskrit title is the Caturvargika Vinaya.

Ordination under the Dharmaguptaka vinaya only relates to monastic vows and lineage, and does not conflict with the actual Buddhist tradition one follows.

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