Devrimci Yol

Devrimci Yol (Revolutionary Path, short Dev-Yol) was a movement rather than a tightly structured organization, with many supporters in trade unions and other professional institutions. Its ideology was based on Marxism-Leninism but rejected both the Soviet and the Chinese model. Devrimci Yol entered the political scene in Turkey on 1 May 1977 with its manifesto called bildirge. The roots can be seen in a movement that called itself Devrimci Gençlik (Revolutionary Youth, short Dev-Genç). Dev-Yol followed the thesis of the People's Liberation Party-Front of Turkey (Turkish abbreviation THKP-C) expressed by Mahir Çayan.

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Devrimci Yol - Current Situation
... Some cadres of Devrimci Yol, who managed to leave the country formed an organization in Europe called Devrimci İşçi (Revolutionary Worker) and for some time published a paper called Demokrat Türkiye ... most long-term prisoners including the leading members of Devrimci Yol were released ... Some people tried to revive Devrimci Yol ...
Devrimci Yol - The Question of Violence
... The journal and supporters of Dev-Yol were not opposed to violence, but tried to put into practice a defence policy centred around the idea of 'committees of resistance', which were to counter ... Yet, militants of Devrimci Yol were not only engaged in bitter fightings against right wing militants but also clashed with other left groups ... Actually the defence in the central trial against Devrimci Yol presented more detailed figures ...