Demon Eyes Kyo

Demon Eyes Kyo (鬼眼の狂 Onime-no-Kyō) is the main character in the manga Samurai Deeper Kyo, a popular manga written by Akimine Kamijyo. He was ranked first in the 2002 Samurai Deeper Kyo popularity contest and has remained in the top in every other poll. Although he did not appear until the last page of the first chapter in the manga, Kyo is the main character and has appeared in the manga more times than Mibu Kyoshiro.

Demon Eyes Kyo is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Japan and Dan Green in North America.

Demon Eyes Kyo, or Onime no Kyo was called the Thousand Slayer for killing over 1,000 samurai during the battle of Sekigahara. He was finally defeated by a man named Mibu Kyoshiro. Four years later, Mibu Kyoshiro surfaces again. Inside him is Demon Eyes Kyo, waiting to come out and reclaim his body, which has been hidden somewhere in the forest of Aokigahara.

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... Demon Eyes Kyo has appeared in both the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Samurai Deeper Kyo games ... He also made an appearance in the Samurai Deeper Kyo anime as a split personality of Mibu Kyoshiro ... appeared in a parody of Samurai Deeper Kyo called Samurai High, and a Crossover with characters from the manga series GetBackers ...
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... Demon Eyes Kyo (鬼眼の狂, Onime-no-Kyō?) his real name is Mibu Kyo, is a legendary man, known for his red, demon-like eyes, and called the "Thousand ... Later on, Kyo is shown to lose a bit of control when Yuya was on the verge of death, due to the water dragon egg that Shinrei planted inside her heart (she only had 60 days to live until the dragon eats its way out ... Also, he was enraged when Kyoshiro, in Kyo's original body (both men have swapped bodies at that time), took the dying Yuya away from him after he ...

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