Democratic Party of Montenegro

The Democratic Party of Montenegro is a political party in Montenegro stationed in Podgorica, founded in 2006. Its President is Predrag Drecun. It aims to bring democratic reforms to Montenegro and oust the controversial regime of Milo Đukanović and his Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro.

Political parties in Montenegro
Parliamentary parties
  • Democratic Party of Socialists (35)
  • Socialist People's Party (16)
  • Social Democratic Party (9)
  • New Serb Democracy (8)
  • Movement for Changes (5)
  • Bosniak Party (3)
  • Albanian Alternative (1)
  • Croatian Civic Initiative (1)
  • Democratic League in Montenegro (1)
  • Democratic Union of Albanians (1)
  • New Democratic Power – FORCA (1)
Regional parties
  • Bosniak Democratic Party of Rožaje
  • Democratic Centre of Boka
  • Labor Movement of Nikšić
  • Liberal Party of Plav
  • Party for Gusinje
  • Serbian Club
Other parties
  • Bosniak Democratic Party
  • Civic Party
  • Democratic Centre
  • Democratic Party (Ulcinj)
  • Democratic Party (Podgorica)
  • Democratic Party of Unity
  • Democratic Serb Party
  • Democratic Union of Muslims-Bosniaks
  • Green Party
  • Yugoslav Communist Party
  • Liberal Party
  • New Communist Party
  • Party of Democratic Prosperity
  • Party of Serb Radicals
  • Party of Serb Nationals
  • People's Concord
  • People's Party
  • Pirate Party
  • Socialist Party of Yugoslavia
  • Serbian Fatherland Party
  • Serbian Radical Party
Merged parties
  • Bosniak Democratic Federation
  • International Democratic Union
  • League of Communists of Yugoslavia - Communists of Montenegro
  • Party of Democratic Action
  • Party of National Equality
  • People's Socialist Party
  • Serb People's Party
  • Yugoslav Communists of Montenegro
Defunct parties
  • Liberal Alliance
  • Social Democratic Party of Reformists
  • Socialist Party
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