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2nd Guards Field Artillery
... The 2nd Guards Field Artillery Regiment (German 2 ... Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiment) was an artillery unit in the Imperial German Army prior to and during the First World War ... The regiment was part of the 4th Guards Infantry Division ...
List Of Active Units Of The Italian Army - Artillery Corps - Artiglieria Controaerei (Air-defense Artillery)
... Each Air-defense Artillery regiment consists of a HQ battery, a logistic support battery and an air-defense group ... Air-defense Artillery Command *1941 (Sabaudia) Air-defense Artillery Training Regiment (Sabaudia) 4th Air-defense Artillery Regiment Peschiera *1930 (Mantova) 5th Air-defense ...
Artillery - Modern Operations - Air Burst
... The destructiveness of artillery bombardments can be enhanced when some or all of the shells are set for airburst, meaning that they explode in the air above the target instead of upon impact ... Since December 1944 (Battle of the Bulge), proximity fuzed artillery shells have been available that take the guesswork out of this process ...
U.S. Army Regimental System - Combat Arms Regiments - Artillery Regiments - Air Defense Artillery
1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment 1st Battalion, 94th AAMDC, Kadena Air Base Japan 2d Battalion, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Osan Air Base, Korea 2d Air Defense Artillery Regiment ...
4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States) - Present Day
... The 3rd Battalion (Air and Missile Defense), 4th ADA is a battalion under the 108th ADA Brigade at Fort Bragg. 1st Battalion 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States) 2nd Battalion 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States) 3rd Battalion 4th Air Defense ...

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