Death Poem

A death poem (絶命詩) is a poem written near the time of one's own death. It is a tradition for literate people to write one in a number of different cultures, especially in Japan and Joseon Korea, as well as certain periods of Chinese history.

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Yonekura Shigetsugu
... Yonekura's death poem is often performed in Noh plays to this day, and is an example of Haiku poetry for a death poem today ... While death poems did not adopt any prescribed form as concerns syllabals, tone or length (the ritual required flexibility, in contrast to most Samurai rituals such as the Tea ... The flexibility of the death poem contrasts with the rigid caste system that pervaded Japanese life ...
Korean Death Poems - Jeong Mong-ju
... Jeong Mong-ju (정몽주·1337-1392), considered "father" of Korean neo-Confucianism, was a high minister of Goryeo dynasty when Yi Seong-gye overthrew Goryeo and established Joseon dynasty ... He answered with the following sijo to the future Taejong of Joseon when the latter demanded his support for the new dynasty with a poem of his own ...
Jo Gwang-jo - Life - Death Poem
... He wrote the following death poem before drinking poison on December 20, 1519 ... Original poem Hanja pronunciation Modern Korean Translation English Translation 愛君如愛父 애군여애부 임금 사랑하기를 아버지 사랑하듯 하였고 Loved my ...

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    The great poem must have the stamp of greatness as well as its essence.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Once one’s up against it, the precise manner of one’s death has obviously small importance.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)