Dawnthief is a fantasy novel by James Barclay. It was first published in the UK in 1999.

The story is about the Raven (a mercenary group), six men and an elf. Swords for hire in the wars that have torn Balaia apart. Now they must join forces with dark mages and find a spell to end the world.

The heroes of this novel are accidentally drawn into a plot revolving around the subjugation of the free peoples of their homeworld: Balaia. During a battle they become aware of a Xeteskan mage who informs them that an old magical enemy has returned to their world; the Wytch Lords. Denser, as the mage is called, explains that the world today does not have the power to defeat these enemies as they did before and that in order to save the realm he needs their help in finding an ancient spell of great power: Dawnthief. Along the way to finding dawnthief they discover that the spell is highly risky and if it does not work the sun shall never rise again.

The excitement of this book is in its fast pace, magical originality and the fact that no character, even the heroes, is immune to the dangers of battle. Called action fantasy by its reviewers and praised by such authors as Maggie Furey, John Marco, David Langford and Stan Nicholls, Dawnthief is exciting fantasy mixed in with a dash of something special which has made its author one of the most successful British writers of the past few years.

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... Their code of conduct is such that they will never commit an act of murder, never take an action without consulting the rest of the group and will trust one another with their lives ... Nothing is more important to them then their group and whilst they will fight for country, plane and the greater good of their world it is wholly because of their love for one another that they decide on which missions to undertake ...
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... Dawnthief is the first in the trilogy and introduces the reader to the mercenary band known as The Raven, having been successfully together for about ten years ... and set off on a quest to collect objects needed to perform the spell Dawnthief, which will effectively take away the Shamens' powers ... the West of Balaia and successfully cast the Dawnthief spell ...
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... He dies during DawnThief, but the Xetesk take his soul and turn him into a Protector (magical expert warriors who are bound by magic and punished by Demons if they misbehave) who is assigned ... The Unknown plays a key part throughout the events of Dawnthief and Noonshade and is the first person Denser seeks assistance from during Nightchild, set 6 years ... had just announced his retirement from the Raven in order to wed his fiancee at the beginning of DawnThief ...