David Storey - Works


  • This Sporting Life (1960) (made into the 1963 film This Sporting Life)
  • Flight into Camden (1961)
  • Radcliffe (1963)
  • The Restoration of Arnold Middleton (1967)
  • In Celebration (1969)
  • The Contractor (1970)
  • Home (1970)
  • The Changing Room (1971)
  • Pasmore (1972) - winner of the 1973 Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize
  • The Farm (1973)
  • Cromwell (1973)
  • A Temporary Life (1973)
  • Edward (1973)
  • Life Class (1975)
  • Saville (1976) - winner of the 1976 Booker Prize
  • Mother's Day (1977)
  • Early Days (1980)
  • Sisters (1980)
  • A Prodigal Child (1982)
  • Present Times (1984)
  • The March on Russia (1989)
  • Storey's Lives: 1951-1991 (1992)
  • A Serious Man (1998)
  • As it Happened (2002)

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    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)

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