David E Kelley Television Work The Practice 1997���2004

Famous quotes containing the words work, practice, television and/or david:

    Even the wisest man grows tense
    With some sort of violence
    Before he can accomplish fate,
    Know his work or choose his mate.

    Poet and sculptor, do the work,
    Nor let the modish painter shirk
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    If I had my life over again I should form the habit of nightly composing myself to thoughts of death. I would practise, as it were, the remembrance of death. There is no other practice which so intensifies life. Death, when it approaches, ought not to take one by surprise. It should be part of the full expectancy of life. Without an ever- present sense of death life is insipid. You might as well live on the whites of eggs.
    Muriel Spark (b. 1918)

    Television is an excellent system when one has nothing to lose, as is the case with a nomadic and rootless country like the United States, but in Europe the affect of television is that of a bulldozer which reduces culture to the lowest possible denominator.
    Marc Fumaroli (b. 1932)

    There is more religion in men’s science than there is science in their religion.
    —Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)