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Geometric Hashing
... for efficiently finding two-dimensional objects represented by discrete points that have undergone an affine transformation, though extensions exist to some other object representations and transformations ... In an off-line step, the objects are encoded by treating each pairs of points as a geometric basis ... The remaining points can be represented in an invariant fashion with respect to this basis using two parameters ...
The Nethernet - Game Experience
... increased web browsing, players lose or gain data points ... Data points allow users to buy different types of tools which can enhance the previously mentioned features of the HUD ... In addition, accumulated data points allow users to select a character type ...
BIRCH (data Clustering) - BIRCH Clustering Algorithm
... Given a set of N d-dimensional data points, the clustering feature of the set is defined as the triple, where is the linear sum and is the square sum of data ... entry in a leaf node is not a single data point but a subcluster ... In the algorithm in the first step it scans all data and builds an initial memory CF tree using the given amount of memory ...
Locality-sensitive Hashing - LSH Algorithm For Nearest Neighbor Search
... In the preprocessing step we hash all points from the data set into each of the hash tables ... Given a query point, the algorithm iterates over the hash functions ... For each considered, it retrieves the data points that are hashed into the same bucket as ...
Least Absolute Deviations - Other Properties
... In the case of a set of (x,y) data, the least absolute deviations line will always pass through at least two of the data points, unless there are multiple solutions ... will be bounded by at least two lines, each of which passes through at least two data points ... one optimal regression surface will pass through k of the data points ...

Famous quotes containing the words points and/or data:

    If I were in the unenviable position of having to study my work my points of departure would be the “Naught is more real ...” and the “Ubi nihil vales ...” both already in Murphy and neither very rational.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)

    This city is neither a jungle nor the moon.... In long shot: a cosmic smudge, a conglomerate of bleeding energies. Close up, it is a fairly legible printed circuit, a transistorized labyrinth of beastly tracks, a data bank for asthmatic voice-prints.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)