Dark Witch

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Fantaghirò 3 - Synopsis
... He is confronted by Xellesia, who explains that the dark magic within him does not allow him to fall in love, for as soon as he tries to kiss the one he desires, he will be transformed into a beast to devour them ... They resurrect the Dark Witch and hold her heart hostage, promising to give her back her heart if she helps them find Tarabas ... The Dark Witch reluctantly agrees, and leads them to Tarabas' underground lair ...
Fantaghirò (TV Series) - Episodes
... for centuries ever since Princess Kyra of Tuan made a pact with the dark lord Darken to steal the holy Kuorum, which is linked to the emotions of the two kingdoms ... as the two kingdoms fight, the Kuorum is a source of dark magic ... The Dark Witch sets out to kill Fantaghirò, who has just been born to King Hadrian of Tuan, but the White Fairy sets out to protect the baby princess ...
Zduhać and Vjedogonja
... on the earth a light-haired, a pied, and a dark-haired bull ... He passed through the dark forest he came beneath the stair-like cliff the moon and the stars were shining, so it was like a day a silence all around ... Then he stabbed the dark-haired bull, and it slumped the light-haired was finishing them off with its horns ...
Fantaghirò Series - Characters - Lightning
... He starts to rebel against his mistress, the Dark Witch, early in the second film, and it is he who instigates Bolt to do the same ... In the third film he and Bolt put all the pieces of the Dark Witch back together to revive her, but Lightning keeps the Dark Witch's heart as leverage ...

Famous quotes containing the words witch and/or dark:

    Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead.
    E.Y. Harburg (1898–1981)

    who should moor at his edge
    And fare on afoot would find gates of no gardens,
    But the hill of dark underfoot diving,
    Closing overhead, the cold deep, and drowning.
    He is called Leviathan, and named for rolling,
    William Stanley Merwin (b. 1927)