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Dark Reign: The List

More of a collection of one-shots dealing with different characters in the Marvel Universe who are hunted by Osborn, The List sets the status quo for many books. Every story also contains a back-up feature.

  • Avengers was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Marko Djurdjevic. After the events of "Utopia", Clint Barton (Ronin), enraged that Osborn has been able to continue his rule despite his best efforts, decides to storm Avengers Tower and kill Osborn himself. After throwing Venom out the window and shooting Bullseye (who took his place as Hawkeye) five times, Barton confronts Moonstone and Daken. After killing Daken and using a security force field to eliminate Moonstone, Clint storms Osborn's lab and begins shooting him, but Osborn had used a Life Model Decoy. Ares knocks Clint out with one punch and Osborn then arrests him. This issue gives a lettered preview of The List - Daredevil and an unlettered preview of The List - X-Men.
  • Daredevil was written by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan. After a group of black-clad ninjas kill a group of crooked cops and lawyers, Osborn turns his attention to the Hand and their new leader, Daredevil. Sending Bullseye out in his old suit along with H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, Bullseye and Daredevil clash. The two duel until they make it to the top of a condemned building that is about to be demolished. Bullseye announces that the building will be destroyed, but the 107 people inside refuse to leave. When Daredevil does not help the people, the building explodes and kills all of the people. Bullseye then retreats and Daredevil is shocked. It turns out later that the ninjas were led by Lady Bullseye and the Kingpin, and were used to set up Daredevil. This issue contains a preview of Daredevil #501.
  • Uncanny X-Men was written by Matt Fraction and Alan Davis. After Emma Frost and Namor's betrayal, Osborn decides to send Namor's former lover, Marrina Smallwood, to kill the Atlanteans. After Smallwood's attack, the X-Men sense her approach and Iceman freezes all of the water with Psylocke's help. The X-Men then attack Marrina, and Namor eventually kills her. He throws her head into Avengers Tower and threatens to kill Osborn for what he has done. This issue contains "Dead Man Walking", Matt Fraction's first story at Marvel Comics.
  • Secret Warriors was written by Jonathan Hickman and Ed McGuiness. Nick Fury goes to the Avengers Tower and walks into Osborn's office after Ares lets him in. Osborn tries to frighten Fury by showing him his List (which contains: Neutralize Clint Barton; Eliminate Daredevil; Kill Namor; Kill Nick Fury; Neutralize Bruce Banner; Kill Frank Castle; Control "The World"; Kill Spider-Man), but Fury laughs it off because he has made one of his own (whose items are: Save the world; Punch Norman in the face; Have a beer). He tells Osborn that he needs to take a man named Seth Waters into custody, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent funneling money into various accounts such as that of a group called Leviathan. Osborn interrogates Waters before Bullseye tortures him. After Fury gets what he needs, a data retrieval device, his partner Garrett shoots Waters; Fury punches Osborn in the face; and the two escape with the device. Ares throws off the choppers pursuing them to let them escape. Fury opens the device to reveal that HYDRA is a part of Leviathan, or Zodiac. This issue contains "Today Earth Dies", a reprint of a Nick Fury story first published in Strange Tales #168.
  • Hulk was written by Greg Pak and Ben Oliver. In order to get rid of Bruce Banner and his son Skaar, Osborn sends a heavily-armed Victoria Hand and Moonstone to attack the duo. Bruce manages to find a way around everything the Hand throws at him, but one thing happens that he does not expect: during the battle, Bruce is exposed to Gamma radiation that will eventually turn him back into the Hulk. The Hand and Moonstone are defeated, but they succeed in their task: ensuring Bruce will turn into the Hulk and that Skaar will be there to fight him, hopefully leading to them killing each other. Bruce tells Skaar that when he turns into the Hulk, Skaar must be prepared to kill him. This issue contains a reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #14.
  • Punisher was written by Rick Remender and John Romita, Jr. Following repeated failed attempts to kill Frank Castle, Osborn sends Daken and a platoon of H.A.M.M.E.R. troops to complete the mission. After a bloody round of hand-to-hand combat, Daken dismembers and decapitates Castle before kicking his remains from a rooftop. Castle's body parts are collected and spirited away by Moloids, seemingly operating under the protection of Man-Thing. This issue contains a preview of Punisher #11.
  • Wolverine was written by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. During his tenure as leader of H.A.M.M.E.R., Osborn tries to take control of the World and the Weapon Plus creations. Wolverine and Noh-Varr head to the World to try to stop Osborn, but are soon attacked by a large army of Weapon Plus creations infected by Allgod (Weapon XVI), the living religion. Noh-Varr is rescued by Fantomex, who admits he should have kept an eye on the World, and the two of them make their way to the World's brain (now a sentient being) where they are confronted by the Allgod drones, Wolverine included. Noh-Varr is able to disarm Allgod by kissing the World's brain, thus showing it some compassion, and disabling Allgod. Immediately after this, Wolverine regains his senses and the three of them defeat Osborn's invading army of Deathlok prototypes. Fantomex then uses a shrink-ray he reportedly stole from Doctor Doom to shrink the World and take it for his own. This issue contains Jason Aaron’s never-before-reprinted first Wolverine story, from Wolverine (first series) #175.
  • Spider-Man was written by Dan Slott and Adam Kubert. Peter Parker teams-up with several other members of the Front Line to expose Osborn as the maniac he truly is. As Spider-Man, he breaks into Osborn's lab and downloads a video showing Osborn using a live human being as a test subject. However, he is caught by Osborn, who was already planning on killing Spider-Man as the last item on his List. Spider-Man escapes, with Osborn chasing him as the Iron Patriot. After a long battle in which Spider-Man is assaulted by his former fans, now adamantly defending Iron Patriot, he is able to damage the Iron Patriot Uni-Beam, whose star-shape was already structurally unsound. While Osborn recovers from the attack, Spider-Man is able to change back into Peter Parker. As Parker, he is then able to upload the video to all his friends online, who are all either involved in the media or tech-savvy. When Osborn confronts him, prepared to kill him, Parker states that as a taxpaying American citizen that has not broken any laws, Osborn has no legal ground to assault him. Osborn storms off to attempt to suppress the spread of Parker's video, claiming he has added another name to his List: Peter Parker. This issue contains the story from The Pulse #5 outing Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin to the world.

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