Daniel Sidney Warner - Biography - Evangelistic Efforts

Evangelistic Efforts

In the fall of 1884, Warner conducted revival tours and preached at camp meetings in the midwestern United States. He formed an evangelistic preaching company in the summer of 1885 with members including Nannie Kiger of Payne, Ohio; Francis Miller (his later wife) of Battlecreek, Michigan; Sarah Smith of Jerry City, Ohio; and John U. Bryant and D. Leiniger of Beaver Dam, Indiana. Barney E. Warren joined the company in 1886. From June 1887 to April 1888, Warner conducted an evangelistic tour through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. During the same summer, he preached at camp meetings in Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The following winter, he conducted an evangelistic tour to Ontario, Canada. In the winter of 1890, Warner conducted a southern evangelistic tour into Mississippi and Alabama. His evangelistic company dissolved after this tour. During 1891, he conducted evangelistic tours in Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada. In August 1892 to February 1893, he conducted an evangelistic tour as far as California.

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