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Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix - Music
... Some songs in the game are from the DDR Solo games, Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix, and preview songs from Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix—such as "DIVE" by BeForU ... New Konami Original Ending song of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix Konami Original from previous versions "CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE" NAOKI from Dance Dance ... MIX)" MUSTACHE MEN from Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus "DROP OUT" NW260 from Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 "HYSTERIA" NAOKI 190 from Dance Dance Revolution Solo ...
BEMANI - Bemani Video Games - Dance Dance Revolution Solo
... An offshoot of the Dance Dance Revolution series, Dance Dance Revolution Solo added two additional arrows to the dance stage ... Most of the music exclusive to Dance Dance Revolution Solo was reused in the main DDR series of games ... See also List of Dance Dance Revolution Solo video games Dance Dance Revolution Solo portal (Japanese) ...
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (2004 Video Game) - Music
... Dance Dance Revolution Extreme soundtrack Song Artist Note Licensed Songs "Believe" Eddie.J from Karaoke Revolution cover of Cher "BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE ... Kids In America" KIM WILDE from the album Kim Wilde "LADIES' NIGHT" ∠R from Karaoke Revolution cover of Kool and the Gang "Like A Virgin" tama_happytone from Karaoke Revolution cover of Madonna "MIRACLE ... Hill "WAITING FOR TONIGHT" P.A.T from Karaoke Revolution cover of Jennifer Lopez "WONDERLAND (UKS Mix)" X-TREME from Dancemania SUMMERS 2 cover of Earth, Wind Fire featuring The ...

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