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Gary Grimshaw designed the first Dally in the alley poster in 1982, which featured dancing cats by Brian Taylor. Gary was born 1946 in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Lincoln Park high school. Gary started his artwork at the age of twenty and has continued prospering ever since. Gary went on to create two other posters in 1986 and 1987.

Jerome Ferreti designed the Dally in the Alley poster of 2001. He took classes at a few universities, including Wayne State University. Jerome is also a part of a society of artists called Slippery Weasel, which is centered in Detroit, Michigan. The Slippery Weasel’s first exhibit was in Rochester, Michigan in 2005. Niko Marks performed at Dally in the Alley recently in 2011. Niko was influenced at an early age by his mother to better his musical skills. Throughout his teenage years, he was inspired by many greats such as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Elton John. Nikko would then go on to join Raphael Merriweathers, Scott Weatherspoon, and Michael Banks to form a production team called Members of the House. Soon after the group was formed, they came out with a hit song called “Summer Nights”. The hit song was merely the beginning of Niko’s career.

Kevin Reynolds was also a performer at Dally in the Alley in 2011. Kevin was born in Detroit, Michigan to parents who worked in the auto industry. Kevin and his family lived in student housing while his mother attended medical school at Michigan State University. Since Kevin lived in student housing, an environment that housed many students from all over the world, he was able to experience many different sounds. Kevin heard all types of music that came from many areas such as China’s urban centers, Middle East spaced melodic sounds, and Tejano music. This inspired Kevin to create his own music and eventually lead him to his first chance at a music career working at Derrick May’s seminal classic label.

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