Cyst Wall

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Steatocystoma Multiplex - Treatment
... The cysts can be moved via excision, though conventional cyst excision techniques have proven impractical, and a specialized regimen is required ... Cysts can be widespread and difficult to treat ... extirpation of cystic contents without removing the cyst wall has been shown to be successful, with no scarring and a low rate of recurrence ...
Nanophyetus Salmincola - Detailed Information Regarding The Life Cycle Stages
... The new cyst wall is thin, transparent, and easily ruptured ... If the cyst wall breaks, the metacercariae crawl out and re-encyst a few hours later in a tougher, larger cyst wall ... While cysts can be found in all tissues of the fish, most encystment occurs in the kidneys and body muscles of the salmonid fish, and in the gills and fins of the non-salmonid fish ...

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