Cymbal-banging Monkey Toy

A cymbal-banging monkey toy is a mechanical depiction of a monkey holding a cymbal in each hand. When activated it repeatedly bangs its cymbals together and, in some cases, bobs its head, chatters, grins, does flips, and more. There are both traditional wind-up versions as well as updated battery-operated cymbal-banging monkeys.

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Cymbal-banging Monkey Toy - In Popular Culture
... The toy is featured in "The Monkey", a Stephen King short story from his 1985 book Skeleton Crew, which uses the monkey as its cover image ... musical The Phantom of the Opera features a cymbal-banging monkey as the topper of a music box ... The Disney animated film Aladdin includes a scene in which the monkey Abu is transformed into one by the evil sorceror Jaffar ...

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