Cute Princess

Cute Princess

Cute Princess 巧千金 (formerly known as 小千金) is a 4 member girl group formed in 2005 by a Malaysian company called Wayang Tinggi(威扬)Their ages ranged from 4–5 years. Their first public appearance was in Four Golden Princess's 11th Year Concert. They released their first album 送你一个大年糕 (English Translation:Give You A Big New Year Cake) under the group name 小千金. A fortune teller recommended their record company to change the group's name to 巧千金 for better luck and success.

Their English name was tentatively called "Little Princess" or "Qiao Qian Jin" by fans until their company officially published their English group name as "Cute Princess" in their album.

In 2011 there were a change in members. Cecilia and Alicia were replaced with Joanne and Miko. Their 2012 Chinese New Year album 新年乐满贯(English Translation:New Year Music Slam) was released. The music videos were shot in China.

Their 2013 Chinese New Year album called 醒狮来问好 (English Translation:Lion Dance Asking To Say Hello) was released on the 12th of December 2012. Once again they sing new, old and past songs sung by Four Golden Princess.

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