Custos Rotulorum of Essex

This is a list of people who have served as custos rotulorum of Essex.

  • Sir William Petre bef. 1544–1572
  • Sir Anthony Cooke c. 1573–1576
  • Sir Thomas Mildmay c. 1577–1608
  • Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk bef. 1621–1624
  • Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk 1624–1640
  • William Maynard, 1st Baron Maynard 1640
  • Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick 1640–1642
  • James Hay, 2nd Earl of Carlisle 1642–1646, 1660
  • Charles Rich, 4th Earl of Warwick 1660–1673
  • William Maynard, 2nd Baron Maynard 1673–1688
  • Thomas Petre, 6th Baron Petre 1688

For later custodes rotulorum, see Lord Lieutenant of Essex.

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