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Modifications and Hacks - Apple TV (2nd Generation)
... This is accomplished by downloading the Apple TV's firmware from Apple's servers, then using a custom firmware application like Seas0nPass or PwnageTool to create a custom firmware ... iTunes, place the Apple TV in DFU mode, and restore the custom firmware to the Apple TV ... This custom firmware provides SSH support to the device where users may use APT to install software to the device, or a GUI version similar to Cydia called NitoTV which includes access ...
Play Station Portable Slim & Lite Series - Redesigns - Homebrew
... This is due to the motherboard having its own PRE IPL where it checks the firmware thoroughly if passed, the PRE IPL is cut off entirely to prevent unwanted modifications to the system ... A revised version of the PSP firmware (v5.03) was released shortly after to patch the exploit ... a TIFF crash which is proven to work on 5.02 and 5.03 firmwares for PSP-3000 further crafted and engineered by MaTiAz, the TIFF crash became a TIFF exploit capable of loading an h.bin from the root ...
George Hotz - Hacking The PlayStation 3
... It was done on the original firmware (OFW) 3.15, then using his codes he made it into a 3.15 CFW, or Custom Firmware. 28, 2010, Sony responded by announcing their intention to release a PlayStation 3 firmware update that would remove the OtherOS feature from all models, a feature that was already absent on the newer ... Hotz then announced plans of a custom firmware, similar to the custom firmware for the PlayStation Portable, to enable Linux and OtherOS support, while still retaining the features of newer ...
Play Station Portable Homebrew - History of Homebrew - Dark_AleX
... media may require the presence of a new firmware edition ... Dark_Alex had released a custom firmware called "Dark Alex's Open Edition firmware" or "Custom Firmware (CFW)" which opens the firmware but allows users to use the ... Sony quickly patched the firmware again, continuing the cat-and-mouse game with the hackers and users ...
Canon EOS 400D - Custom Firmware
400plus is a firmware addon which offers additional functionality for Canon 400D, such as intervalometer and custom autofocus patterns ...

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