Curry Bread

Curry bread (カレーパン karē pan), also called curry doughnut, is a popular Japanese food. An amount of Japanese curry is wrapped in a piece of dough, and the dough breaded in panko, and deep fried. On occasion it is baked instead of deep fried, but deep frying is the most common method of cooking. Curry bread is usually found in bakeries and convenience stores.

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Curry Bread - In Popular Culture
... Karē pan man ("Curry bread man") is one of the superheroes in Anpanman ... He has a head made out of curry bread ... Ranma always beating out Ryoga for the last curry bread at lunch when they went to school together is one of the original reasons for their rivalry in ...
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... him as soon as the door was shut that he was not feeling ill at all and that the taste of his curry was strange ... Later, after the curry was analysed, the results showed that it contained a deadly amount of opium, implicating the servant Ah Ling as he was the one to ... He locked the door and exited through the window, returning later to put opium in the curry sample, throw Paynter into the fire and steal a manuscript-the reason for the murder ...

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