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Cure Cottages Of Saranac Lake - The National Register of Historic Places Sites
... Place data as RDF Sixty-three of the hundreds of cure cottages still extant in Saranac Lake have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places ... Landmark name Image Location Town Summary Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium Trudeau Rd St ... Allen Cottage 11 Woodycrest Road Harrietstown A 1909 Scopes and Feustmann-designed cure cottage ...
National Register Of Historic Places Listings In Franklin County, New York - Listings County-wide
... Allen Cottage 01992-11-06November 6, 22 ... Catherine St Saranac Lake A 1909 Scopes and Feustmann-designed "cure cottage" ... Ames Cottage 01992-11-06November 6, 43 ... Church St Saranac Lake (Harrietstown) A Queen Anne style "cure cottage" built about 1906 ... Baird Cottage 01992-11-06November 6, 1992 Glenwood Rd Saranac Lake (Harrietstown) A virtually intact "cure cottage" built in 1930, near the end of the cure cottage era ...

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