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Free Culture Movement - Criticisms
... The most vocal criticism against the free culture movement comes from copyright proponents ... of technology and media companies, claim that despite the free culture movement’s argument that copyright is “killing culture”, the movement itself, and the media it creates, damages the arts ... Free culture may have once defended culture producers against corporations ...
New Culture Movement - Evaluations and Changing Views
... Orthodox historians viewed the New Culture Movement as a revolutionary break with feudal thought and social practice and as the seedbed of revolutionary ... Mao Zedong wrote that the May 4th Movement "marked a new stage in China's bourgeois-democratic revolution against imperialism and feudalism," and argued that "a ... the last fifty years also suggests that while radical Marxists were important in the New Culture Movement, there were many other influential leaders, including anarchists, conservatives, Christians ...

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    The director is simply the audience. So the terrible burden of the director is to take the place of that yawning vacuum, to be the audience and to select from what happens during the day which movement shall be a disaster and which a gala night. His job is to preside over accidents.
    Orson Welles (1915–1984)

    The white dominant culture seemed to think that once the Indians were off the reservations, they’d eventually become like everybody else. But they aren’t like everybody else. When the Indianness is drummed out of them, they are turned into hopeless drunks on skid row.
    Elizabeth Morris (b. c. 1933)