Cultural Materialism

Cultural materialism refers to two separate scholarly endeavours:

  • Cultural materialism (anthropology), an anthropological research orientation first introduced by Marvin Harris
  • Cultural materialism (cultural studies), a movement in literary theory and cultural studies originating with left-wing literary critic Raymond Williams

Other articles related to "cultural materialism, cultural":

Sociology Of Literature - Cultural Materialism
... was Professor of Drama at Cambridge University and one of the founders of contemporary cultural studies ... He described his own distinctive approach as a 'cultural materialism', by which he meant a theory of culture 'as a (social and material) productive process' and of the arts 'as ... ranged widely across the whole field of literary and cultural studies, his major work was concentrated on literature and drama ...
Marvin Harris Bibliography - Articles and Book Chapters
... "Labor Migration among the Mocambique Thonga Cultural and Political Factors", Africa 29 (1) 50–64. 1966 "The Cultural Ecology of India's Sacred Cattle", Current Anthropology 7 (1) 51–54 + 55–56, JSTOR 2740230 Full pdf "Republished 1992 in", Current Anthropology ... and Ideological Significance of the Separation of Social and Cultural Anthropology." In Beyond the Myths of Culture Essays in Cultural Materialism, edited by Eric Ross, 391-407 ...
Cultural Materialism (anthropology) - Epistemological Principles
... Cultural materialism is a scientific research strategy and as such utilizes the scientific method ... In response to this cultural materialism makes a distinction between behavioral events and ideas, values, and other mental events ... Emic operations, within cultural materialism, are ones in which the descriptions and analyses are acceptable by the native as real, meaningful, and appropriate ...

Famous quotes containing the words materialism and/or cultural:

    Sometimes, because of its immediacy, television produces a kind of electronic parable. Berlin, for instance, on the day the Wall was opened. Rostropovich was playing his cello by the Wall that no longer cast a shadow, and a million East Berliners were thronging to the West to shop with an allowance given them by West German banks! At that moment the whole world saw how materialism had lost its awesome historic power and become a shopping list.
    John Berger (b. 1926)

    The beginning of Canadian cultural nationalism was not “Am I really that oppressed?” but “Am I really that boring?”
    Margaret Atwood (b. 1939)