Cultural Diffusion

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Kudumbi - Cultural Diffusion and Language Convergence
... During the late 19th century in Kerala, when a socio-cultural revival took place in many backward communities, the Kudumbi opened themselves up to mainstream ... Unfortunately, newer socio-economic and cultural changes in the community spurred a slow reverse cultural diffusion ... As a result, many Kudumbi customs have regional disparities and many have vanished from its cultural ethos altogether ...
Trans-cultural Diffusion
... In cultural anthropology and cultural geography, cultural diffusion, as first conceptualized by Alfred L ... Kroeber in his influential 1940 paper Stimulus Diffusion, or trans-cultural diffusion in later reformulations, is the spread of cultural items—such ... It is distinct from the diffusion of innovations within a single culture ...
History Of Writing - Inventions of Writing
... around 1200 BCE, or whether the appearance of writing in either or both places were due to cultural diffusion (i.e ... is true writing, and if it is, whether it is yet another case of cultural diffusion of writing ... Various other known cases of cultural diffusion of writing exist, where the general concept of writing was transmitted from one culture to another but the specifics of the system were independently developed ...

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    A culture may be conceived as a network of beliefs and purposes in which any string in the net pulls and is pulled by the others, thus perpetually changing the configuration of the whole. If the cultural element called morals takes on a new shape, we must ask what other strings have pulled it out of line. It cannot be one solitary string, nor even the strings nearby, for the network is three-dimensional at least.
    Jacques Barzun (b. 1907)