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Cultigen - The Distinction "wild" and "cultivated"
... Interest in the distinction between wild and cultivated plants dates back to antiquity ... historian Alan Morton notes that wild and cultivated plants (cultigens) were of intense interest to the ancient Greek botanists (partly for religious ... Theophrastus accepted the view that it was human action not divine intervention that produced cultivated plants (cultigens) from wild plants and he also "had an inkling of the limits of culturally induced (ph ...
Cultigen - Recommended Usage
... in horticulture assists clarity in non-technical discussions about “wild” and “cultivatedplants (for example, cultivated plants as commonly understood (plants in ...
Cultivated Plant Taxonomy
... Cultivated plant taxonomy is the study of the theory and practice of the science that identifies, describes, classifies, and names cultigens—those plants whose origin or selection is primarily ... Cultivated plant taxonomists do, however, work with all kinds of plants in cultivation ... Cultivated plant taxonomy is one part of the study of horticultural botany which is mostly carried out in botanical gardens, large nurseries, universities, or government departments ...

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    Luxurious Man, to bring his Vice in use,
    Did after him the World seduce:
    And from the fields the Flow’rs and Plants allure,
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)

    Such a style,—so diversified and variegated! It is like the face of a country; it is like a New England landscape, with farmhouses and villages, and cultivated spots, and belts of forests and blueberry swamps round about, with the fragrance of shad-blossoms and violets on certain winds.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)