Cult of Artemis At Brauron

Cult Of Artemis At Brauron

Artemis worshipers were found all over the ancient Greek world. One of the most famous worshiping sites for Artemis was in Attica at Brauron. Artemis is said to have presided over all the biological transitions of females from before puberty to the first childbirth. “Young girls began to prepare for the event of the first childbirth at an early age. Even before menarche young girls danced for Artemis, in some places playing the role of animals. At the Attic site, or Brauron, in the rite called arkteia, girls representing the polis of Athens imitated she-bears, arktoi." “The initiation ritual for girls was called the Brauronia, after the location of Artemis' shrine at Brauron, in Attica, where the ritual, performed by girls before they reached puberty, took place.” Brauron is the site where Iphigenia, Agamemnon’s daughter, is said to have established a temple to Artemis by decree of Athena, as told in Euripides’ Iphigeneia in Tauris.

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Cult Of Artemis At Brauron - Effects On Greek Cultural Attitudes
... The worship of Artemis at Brauronia, and throughout ancient Greece, had several effects on Classical society ... Two have already been noted the need to appease Artemis affected the women participants and temples of Artemis were consciously placed in defensive or contested ... dealt in part with the wilderness aspect of Artemis ...

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