Cube Teapot

The cube teapot is a teapot whose main purpose was to be used on a ship whereas conventional curved teapots would roll over when the ship rocked from side to side. The cube shape of the teapot would stabilise it and it wouldn't roll over and scald the person making the drink.

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Robert Crawford Johnson - Invention
... The cube teapot was invented by Englishman Robert Crawford Johnson (1882–1937), who was responsible for the design and registered "Cube Teapots Ltd" in 1917 ... With no spout or projecting handle the cube teapot looked exactly as it sounds - a cube ... The cube teapot was first put into production in 1920, in earthenware by Arthur Wood of Stoke-on-Trent, England ...
Cube Teapot - Recent Studies
... In 2000, there was a touring exhibition on cube teapots, sponsored by Twinings, at Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool and Leicester's New Walk Museum ... Anne Anderson wrote a book on the teapots, The Cube Teapot (Richard Dennis, 1999) ...

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