The acronym CSU may refer to:

  • Constant speed unit - a mechanical device on an aircraft propeller that regulates engine speed by automatically changing pitch
  • Channel Service Unit - a WAN equivalent of a network interface card
  • Christian Social Union of Bavaria (Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern), a political party in Bavaria, Germany
  • Crime Scene Unit - in some police groups this refers to crime scene investigators who respond to a crime scene
  • Care and Separation Unit - the name given to solitary confinement in some prisons in the United Kingdom
  • C Start Up - in computing, the initial start up code for compiled C (and C-based languages)

See also CRT for C Run-Time

  • ČSÚ (Český statistický úřad), Czech Statistical Office
  • CSU is the ICAO airline designator for Chari Aviation Services, Chad

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List Of Deputy Finance Ministers Of Germany - Deputy Finance Ministers - Parliamentary State Secretaries
... SPD) 1982 Gunter Huonker (SPD) 1982–1989 Hansjörg Häfele (CDU) 1982–1990 Friedrich Voss (CSU) 1989–1993 Manfred Carstens (CDU) 1990–1994 Joachim Grünewald (CDU) 1993–1994 Jürgen Echternach ...
CSU–Global Campus - History
... While it is part of the Colorado State University System, CSU–Global Campus' roots do not date back to the original Colorado State University founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College ... CSU–Global Campus was established using a $12 million loan from the CSU Board of Governors, (which it has already paid back), on August 24, 2007, with a central goal of meeting the educational needs of adult ... It was originally named CSU-Colorado, but that name was replaced early on with its current title ...
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... The current Board of Governors of the CSU System are Dorothy Horrell, Chair William E ... Zimlich (CSU-Global Faculty Representative, Non- Voting) (CSU-Global Student Representative, Non-Voting) (CSU-Pueblo Faculty Representative, Non-Voting) (CSU-Pueblo Student Representative, Non-Vo ...
Alois Glück
... ( ) (born 24 January 1940) is a German politician of the CSU in Bavaria ... After a journalistic career the skilled agriculturist was elected for the CSU in the Landtag of Bavaria in 1970 ... Development and Environmental Questions, since 1988 he led the CSU Landtag fraction and from 1994 to 2007 the CSU district association Upper Bavaria ...
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... On the political stance, CDU and CSU usually only differ slightly ... The CSU is usually considered a bit more socially conservative (esp ... the CSU favors to pay infants' parents for not going to work while the CDU favors public funding of day-nurseries), eurosceptical (in 1998, then-chancellor Helmut Kohl of the CDU had to pressure the CSU ...