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Mono (software) - Framework Architecture - Related Projects
... Cross-Platform Banshee Media Player a cross-platform music media player built with Mono and Gtk# and also a driver of dozens of C#-based libraries ... in finding areas in their code that might not be cross-platform and therefore not work in Mono on Linux and other Unixes ... MonoCross, a cross-platform Model–view–controller design pattern where the Model and Controller are shared across platforms and the Views are unique for each platform for an optimized ...
List Of Game Engines - Free and Open Source
... Name Primary programming language Bindings Cross-platform SDL 2D/3D oriented Scripting Notable games License Notes and references 3D Rad C++ No No 3D AngelScript 3D, Physics based engine, very easy to learn ... Cocos2d-x is multi-platform and uses C++ ... Original Windows version lacks cross platform support ...
List Of Game Engines - Proprietary - Freeware
... — Freeware 3D javascript engine for the Mac (although finished games are cross platform) ... Defold — Cross platform 2D game engine with built-in collaboration ... Papaya Social Game Engine - A free cross platform 2D OpenGL game engine developed by PapayaMobile for Android and iOS ...
O3spaces - Cross Platform
... O3Spaces Workplace is available for different platforms like for instance Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X ...
List Of Open GL Programs - Applications
... InVesalius - A cross platform software, visualization medical images and reconstruction ... VSXu - Cross platform modular visual programming language engine for OpenGL XBMC Media Center — A cross platform, open source media center ...

Famous quotes containing the words platform and/or cross:

    I marched in with the men afoot; a gallant show they made as they marched up High Street to the depot. Lucy and Mother Webb remained several hours until we left. I saw them watching me as I stood on the platform at the rear of the last car as long as they could see me. Their eyes swam. I kept my emotion under control enough not to melt into tears.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    There is a mountain in the distant West
    That, sun-defying, in its deep ravines
    Displays a cross of snow upon its side.
    Such is the cross I wear upon my breast
    These eighteen years, through all the changing scenes
    And seasons, changeless since the day she died.
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1809–1882)