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  • Andrew Crosby, Canadian rower
  • Andy Crosby, English footballer
  • Bing Crosby, American entertainer
    • Members of his family:
      • Bob Crosby, brother, American bandleader and singer
      • Denise Crosby, granddaughter, American actress
      • Dennis Crosby, son, American actor
      • Dixie Lee, first wife, American actress, dancer, and singer
      • Gary Crosby (actor), son, American singer and actor
      • Harry Crosby (actor), son, American actor, singer and investment banker
      • Kathryn Crosby, second wife, American actress
      • Larry Crosby, brother and his long-time publicity director
      • Lindsay Crosby, son, American actor and singer
      • Mary Crosby, daughter, American actress
      • Nathaniel Crosby, son, American golfer
      • Phillip Crosby, son, American actor and singer
  • Bobby Crosby, American baseball player
  • Bridgette Crosby, fictional character in the DC Universe
  • Bubba Crosby, American baseball player
  • Cathy Lee Crosby, American actress
  • Charles A. Crosby, former mayor of the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Charles F. Crosby, American politician
  • Charles N. Crosby, US Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Chris Crosby, American cartoonist, writer, co-founder of Keenspot
  • Clarkson F. Crosby (1817–1858), New York politician
  • Cornilia Thurza Crosby, American outdoorsman and the first Registered Maine Guide
  • Crosby Braverman, fictional character on the 2010 U.S. TV series Parenthood
  • Darius Crosby (ca. 1768-1818), New York politician
  • David Crosby, American musical artist from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  • Don Crosby, Australian actor
  • Edward W. Crosby, African American educator
  • Elliot John Crosby, English bowler
  • Emma Crosby, English newsreader
  • Ernest Howard Crosby, American reformer and author
  • Fanny Crosby, American lyricist
  • Floyd Crosby, American cinematographer
  • Frederick Gordon Crosby, English motoring artist
  • Gary Crosby (bassist), English jazz musician
  • Harrison Woodhull Crosby, American businessman
  • Harry Crosby, American heir and bon vivant
  • Harvey Francis Crosby, American professional boxer
  • Howard Crosby (minister), American preacher and teacher
  • Howard Edward Crosby, Canadian politician
  • Hugh Powell Crosby, Canadian politician
  • James V. Crosby, American prison officer
  • John Crosby (conductor) (1926–2002), American founding director of the Santa Fe Opera, 1957 to 2000
  • John Crosby (media critic), American media critic for the New York Herald Tribune
  • John C. Crosby (1859–1943), American politician
  • Jon Crosby, American musician
  • Ken Crosby, Canadian baseball player
  • Kim Crosby, American racecar driver
  • Kim Crosby (singer), American singer and actress
  • Lorraine Crosby, English singer
  • Lynton Crosby, Australian political campaign strategist
  • Malcolm Crosby, English former footballer and manager
  • Mason Crosby, American football placekicker for the Green Bay Packers
  • Matthew Crosby, English comedian
  • Nathaniel Crosby, American golfer
  • Newton Crosby, fictional character in the 1986 science fiction film Short Circuit, played by Steve Guttenberg
  • Norm Crosby, American comedian
  • Peirce Crosby, admiral in the United States Navy
  • Philip B. Crosby, American businessman and author known for zero-defects quality management theory
  • Robbin Crosby, American rock guitarist
  • Robert B. Crosby, American Republican politician
  • Sidney Crosby, Canadian ice hockey player
  • William Crosby Dawson, American lawyer, judge, politician and soldier from Georgia
  • William Holmes Crosby Jr., American physicist, hematologist, inventor and translator
  • Shirley Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby, English politician

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