Crooked Man

Crooked Man may refer to:

  • "The Crooked Man", alternate title of "The Adventure of the Crooked Man", a Sherlock Holmes short story
  • "The Crooked Man", The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (TV series) first season episode
  • "The Crooked Man", an episode of the animated show Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
  • "The Crooked Man", The Adventures of Ellery Queen television episode
  • The Crooked Man, a 2003 British television movie starring Ross Kemp
  • "Crooked Man", nickname of Marvel Comics character Mad Jim Jaspers
  • A Crooked Man, a novel by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
  • "The Crooked Man", a Melinda Snodgrass short story in Card Sharks (anthology)
  • "The Crooked Man", a Charles Beaumont short story
  • "The Crooked Man", a song from Western Approaches (album)
  • "Crooked Man", an As You Were (album) track
  • The Crooked Man, a Hellboy limited series by Mike Mignola and Richard Corben.
  • Crooked Man, a 2011 international stand-up tour by Tommy Tiernan.

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The Adventure Of The Crooked Man
... The Adventure of the Crooked Man", one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is one of 12 stories in the cycle collected as The Memoirs of Sherlock ... Doyle ranked "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" fifteenth in a list of his nineteen favourite Sherlock Holmes stories ...
The Book Of Lost Things - Plot - Summary
... Here David meets the Crooked Man, who promises David the life he had before his mother's death ... so overcome with anger that he cuts the Crooked Man with his sword ... the night, David wakes to find Roland whispering to a locket with a picture of a young man ...
There Was A Crooked Man (disambiguation)
... There Was a Crooked Man is a nursery rhyme ... The phrase can also refer to There Was a Croked Man (film), 1960 film featuring Norman Wisdom There Was A Crooked Man (TV play), a live television drama by Kelly Roos, presented in 1950 on ... a 1970 western film starring Kirk Douglas and Henry Fonda There was a Crooked Man the Poems of Lex Banning, a collection by Lex Banning ...

Famous quotes containing the words crooked man, man and/or crooked:

    There was a crooked man, and he went a crooked mile,
    He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile:
    He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
    And they all lived together in a little crooked house.
    Mother Goose (fl. 17th–18th century. There was a crooked man, and he went a crooked mile (l. 1–4)

    The man whose silent days
    In harmless joys are spent,
    Whom hopes cannot delude,
    Nor sorrow discontent:

    That man needs neither towers
    Nor armour for defence,
    Nor secret vaults to fly
    From thunder’s violence.
    Thomas Campion (1567–1620)

    I spent my life mixin’ with your breed, and I don’t like it. Get me. You can hide behind a lot of red tape, crooked lawyers and politicians with the gimmes, writs of habeas corpus, witnesses that don’t remember overnight, but we’ll get through to you, just like we got all the rest.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)