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Viktor Plakida - Career
... Plakida served as the chairman of the Crimean Energy System UkrEnergo before becoming Prime Minister of Crimea ... In early 2006, the Crimean Council of Ministers and the Crimean parliament removed the government of Crimean Prime Minister Anatoliy Burdiuhov ... of the Supreme Council of Crimea, which acts as Crimea's parliament ...
History Of Crimea - Crimea Within Independent Ukraine - Establishment of The Autonomous Republic: 1991–1998
54% of the Crimean voters supported independence with a 60% turnout (in Sevastopol 57% supported independence) ... On 2 September 1991, the National Movement of Crimean Tatars appealed to the V Extraordinary Congress of People's Deputies in Russia demanding the program how to return the deported Tatar population back to Crimea ... Based on the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada (the Crimean parliament) on 26 February 1992, the Crimean ASSR was renamed the Republic of Crimea ...

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