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Technology - TransHab Layout
... The design also contained a complete health care system with all types of medical and emergency equipment and a type of "space bath" area provided for ... Crew Health Care Area -- The design for the crew health care area incorporateed two ISS Crew Health Care System racks, a Full Body Cleansing Compartment ... Level 2 Crew Quarters -- The crew quarters area design had six individual crew quarters, sized at 2.3 cubic meters (81 cubic feet) of volume per crew quarter, and a central passageway located within the ...

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    The reason child care is such a loaded issue is that when we talk about it, we are always tacitly talking about motherhood. And when we’re talking about motherhood we’re always tacitly assuming that child care must be a very dim second to full-time mother care.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    “10 April 1800—
    Blacks rebellious. Crew uneasy. Our linguist says
    their moaning is a prayer for death,
    ours and their own.
    Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980)

    Some fear that if parents start listening to their own wants and needs they will neglect their children. It is our belief that children are in fact far less likely to be neglected when their parents’ needs—for support, for friendship, for decent work, for health care, for learning, for play, for time alone—are being met.
    —Wendy Coppedge Sanford. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, introduction (1978)